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Unblocking a toilet using a toilet auger or plunger and other tips

Unblocking a toilet using a toilet auger or plunger and other tips

A blocked toilet Barking is an issue that occurs in many households and it is a real menace. Sometimes unblocking the toilet can take only a simple plunger. The most common kind of plunger is the one that is cup shaped. However, this one doesn’t work too well in most circumstances and it can also leave a bit of a mess when you are done.

The right plunger for your toilet
The toilet bowl is best handled with:
A ball shaped plunger or
Specialist flanged shaped plunger

These two plungers come with a bottom and this means that the shape is able to seal off the opening located at the toilet bowl bottom. The seal action that is created by the plunger actually creates a vacuum which is necessary. The pressure that is created therefore becomes even more effective.

A blocked toilet Barking can also be resolved using a toilet auger. This is also referred to as a WC auger. It is available at different hardware stores. It is a plumbing tool which is very special and it is used for the clearance of any blocked toilet. A clearing rod which is flexible is used with this device. It also has auger devices at the very end so as to find blockages and to retrieve them where necessary. The auger is able to go into the toilet as far as it possibly can. It can be able to reach around 0.5 meters. Usually, the auger comes connected through a shaft that is very flexible and a crank handle which you are able to control.

When you discover where the obstruction is, you can either pull or push the blockage so as to dislodge it. When it is removed, you should now flush and clean the toilet. Be sure to disinfect the auger or plunger after the job is done.